It is the nature of projects that they have a clear objective which has to be achieved in a given amount of time. Usually it requires expertise in various areas, which has to be coordinated by project management. It is often the case that the necessary expertise and resources are not available to handle these adequately. Furthermore, experience shows that companies often entrust the same employees with such tasks. Employing a professional project manager with the necessary expertise and available time can be crucial to the success of the project.


Technical expertise, interpersonal skills and decision-making capabilities are decisive

Technical expertise refers on one hand to the company and its business, and, on the other, to project management itself. Usually the company knows its business very well. It often uses experienced project managers to develop and implement new concepts, products and services. These people know project management and know how to carry out a project successfully. They are also responsible for the motivation of the team members and the collaboration within the team. This means that the project managers’ interpersonal skills are equally important for the overall success.


Efficiency and Success

Many decisions have to be taken in each project. A project team decides within a framework of objectives and company rules. The line management has delegated many of those decisions to the project team. It will approve objectives, budgets and timelines. Decision making should not prohibit effective and efficient collaboration in a project. Therefore, rules and agreements between the line management and the project team are an element for success of any project. Projects normally proceed in a number of logical steps based on the objectives, project structures, timelines and budgets.


Criteria for the best solution

We don’t want to be satisfied with any solution. It is our aim to offer choices and find the solutions which solve the issues best. Presenting proposals to management is just as much a part of our way of working as defining a timeline, a budget and project organization.


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