Alongside business-management expertise, a prerequisite for success is proven knowledge of a particular industry.


Strategy development

Good strategies show the markets a company is focusing on and how it intends to beat competitors in the fight for customer contracts. Our processes and experience help your company to define its own strategies and to implement them successfully.


Product range and innovation

Satisfying customer requirements means offering customer focused products and services. The product range has to be adapted to the customer’s needs and new products and services have to be added, if needed. Together with our customers, we shape new products and ranges. Our approach and our processes show you the way to success.


Processes and organization

Processes ensure that the employees coordinate their activities to comply with the strategy and to satisfy customer needs. This is how they create value for the company. Together with our customers, we develop effective and efficient processes. Our approach in interim management is: Those employees who are affected by a change should be able to contribute in the analysis and the definition of the new – changed – processes.


Restructuring and change

The world is in constant movement and no company can escape that. Restructuring and change are vital for survival for every company. Handling change management constructively requires considerable professionalism. It is often worthwhile calling in outside support. An interim manager might be an excellent solution as he develops new concepts based on the available know-how and motivates people to participate in the change process.


ERP projects – enterprise resource planning

ERP systems map business processes in IT. They are not technical projects. ERP systems are management tools used to manage a company. ERP is a tool that simply cannot replace management. There are a lot of companies offering technical support. LJ Engineering supports management or executes the projects directly in the company with management’s interests in mind.


Mergers & acquisitions

M&A are a way of achieving strategic goals. It is a challenging task which necessitates considerable personnel and financial resources. Professional external support brings two things with it. On one hand, additional capacity might be required and, on the other, knowledge about M&A processes and the respective industries. This increases your chances of success.



Relocation requires the deployment of highly qualified employees who are already involved in many projects. External support can bridge these bottlenecks and supply additional expertise for project management. LJ Engineering offers both and is able to plan and execute a relocation project.


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