Interim management is usually a response to an urgent need in the management of a company or to a lack of management resources. The question is who is going after those changes and who is going to develop, plan and implement them? The current management? Or is it time for an external view? Often new experience, additional resources and additional expertise are necessary. An interim manager, an external specialists can be the decisive element for success.

Over the last few years, various companies have been pushing lean management. If a manager is suddenly absent, massive gaps can arise. Our interim managers are available quickly and are able to close these gaps. Contact us without any obligation.

Projects and dedicated tasks are often assigned to the same people. No resources are available anymore. The interim manager can add additional resources linked with specific capacities and expertise.


How interim management works

A company temporarily requires support. It contacts an interim manager provider  as LJ Engineering. After a few days, the interim manager takes charge. He works in the company as long as he is needed. First he has to familiarize himself with his task in a few days and clarify any misunderstandings with the customer. During his mission, he has to report regularly on how he has created value for the customer and how he will continue to do so.


Get affected people involved

In many cases, interim management is change management; several employees are often affected by changes. They have to leave what they loved and were used to and perform in a new environment. It is worthwhile to include them in the change projects. They know their tasks and their environment from their daily business very well. They know the obstacles for efficient processes and will contribute improvements and hence support change. The project gains momentum and accelerates in implementations. By allowing affected employees to work on new solutions, they learn a lot about their future tasks and the new environment. Implementation accelerates and the new environment is already familiar.


We offer strategic and operative interim management for the:

  • Electronics industry
  • Electro industry
  • Machine industry
  • Sanitary industry.


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